Legacy Music from ScoDal

About DJ Spoof aka ScoDal

DJ Spoof is the name I, ScoDal (aka Scott Dallas), used to use for my music as a teenager. This website is an archive of those songs as a tribute that period of my life.

History of Becoming a Musician

I started taking piano lessons when I was very young. We had an upright piano in our home. We also had an electronic keyboard in our home. It was very unique, a Roland Synthplus, that used some sort of tape drives. It didn't even have a classic piano sound. But, it also didn't have weighted keys. There's nothing wrong with this, but it definitely is part of the reason my early music had such a unique sound.

When I was about 10 and 11 years old I had imagined figuring out a way to layer sounds to mix my own music. Technology wasn't what it is today. Our home computer ran Windows 3.1. Initially I had tried to use a tape recorder to record layers over each other. It sort of worked, but it was a pain in the butt and the audio quality wasn't very good.

When I was 12 we had Windows 95 and a microphone so I thought surely there had to be a way to record my sounds into the computer and mix them. The first thing I did, as an experiment, was to beat the microphone on the table for a "kick drum" if you could call it that and sing the months of the year... cause you know, I wasn't even sure if this was going to work. To my surprise, it did work! It sure didn't sound the best but I knew I was on to something if I keep working at it.

Over the next few years I couldn't help but keep experimenting. I had figured out how to connect our keyboard into the sound card of the computer and record and mix using the free Sound Recorder program. It wasn't very ideal because you had to build the whole song structure in your mind and mix it one layer at a time without any visual aid. If I made one mistake I would have to start over.

I knew there had to be a better program out there and I also knew I wasn't going to stop tinkering with computers. As I got older I was able to start working and purchasing better computers, sound equipment, music equipment, and instruments. This was a big milestone. Technology being sold to the public was better, I had access to it, I had access to better software and was now visually editing music (still nothing like the software that is out now, but it was much better and at least in the end the audio quality I was putting out was exactly the same quality that musicians use to this day), and had more keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, and other items.

As I kept evolving my style I started to realize I'm not so much a DJ but a song writer. I also started growing out of my extremely electronic and experimental stage. It seemed right for me to "grow up" my image, if you will. That's when I started recording music as my name, ScoDal aka Scott Dallas Espenschied. I have no regrets though. The things I learned as a teenager experimenting with music are what made me able to do what I do today. This website serves as a memory and era of a style of music I don't know that I'll ever be able to replicate again even if I really tried.